Gliding Spider Videos

1) The following three videos show Selenops spiders being dropped from a canopy walkway in Peru.  The spiders were dusted with orange fluorescent fingerprint powder to improve visual contrast.  These are the same videos that accompany the published article as Supplementary Videos S1, S2, and S3 (Yanoviak et al. 2015).  Feel free to use these videos in teaching.  Please credit Stephen P. Yanoviak

2) The video below shows a Selenops spider suspended in a vertical wind tunnel in Peru.  The wind tunnel was designed and constructed by Dr. Yonatan Munk.  The video is compiled from three different cameras that were electronically synchronized and positioned on three axes.  This video accompanies the published article as Supplementary Video S4 (Yanoviak et al. 2015).  Please credit Yonatan Munk.

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