Dr. Alyssa Stark

Alyssa joined the lab as a Postdoctoral Associate in 2014 after completing her PhD at the University of Akron, where she studied the adhesive properties of gecko toes.  Alyssa’s current research explores the biomechanics of ant locomotion on different natural substrates.






Benjamin “Max” Adams 

Max2Max is a Louisiana native who joined the lab as a PhD student in 2013 after completing his MS in Linda Hooper-Bui’s lab at Louisiana State University, which focused on the effects of the Gulf oil spill on wetland insects.  His dissertation research is based in Panama and examines the effects of lianas on canopy ant species richness.





Evan Gora 

Evan2Evan began working in the lab as a technician in 2013 and transitioned to PhD student status in 2014. Evan was trained in forest ecology in Walt Carson’s lab at the University of Pittsburgh and is using that expertise to explore the ecology of lightning in temperate and tropical forests.







Dana Frederick – MS 2014 –  “Raining into water: arthropod export from the canopy and subsequent predator escape behavior”

Robin Verble – PhD 2012 – “Effects of prescribed fire on Ozark ant ecology”

Petrus Moreira – MS 2012 – “Canopy ants of central Arkansas and the Atlantic Forest of Brazil: community patterns”

Theo Sumnicht – MS 2012 – “Canopy effects on tropical leaf litter arthropods”